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Your life, as well as the lives of any of your family members who depend on you, can be ripped apart by an unfair accusation of theft. This is why our theft crime lawyers in Los Angeles fight so hard for our clients who are facing injustice from a mistaken or even unlawful accusation. When it comes to having powerful advocacy, you can trust our dedicated advocates at Vadgama Law to fight for you in court.

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Types of Theft Crimes

In the state of California, the broad crime of theft is actually divided into many different subcategories. Fortunately, even though there are many distinct types, we are experienced at handling the entire range of any theft you might be accused of.

Just some of the examples of cases we have successfully defended include those involving:

  • Robbery, including commercial robbery, residential robbery, and bank robbery
  • Charges of petty theft (meaning thefts of amounts under $400)
  • Charges of petty theft if the accused has had a prior conviction
  • Charges of grand theft (meaning thefts of amounts over $400)
  • Theft of automobiles or carjacking
  • Theft from a vulnerable or dependent adult, elderly person, or a minor
  • Burglary, including burglary of a commercial business or a home
  • Breaking and entering
  • Using a weapon or a firearm throughout a robbery or a burglary
  • Shoplifting

What are the Penalties for Theft Crimes?

It is a terrible thing to be falsely accused of any crime, but it is even more horrendous of being charged with being a thief. Those who have been convicted of a theft crime will have this mark staining their record for the rest of their lives. In addition to having to face severe penalties, ranging from imprisonment to paying exorbitant fines, no employer will desire to hire you, nor will banks and insurance companies desire to support you with mortgage loans or credit loans.

Obtaining Powerful Proof

In many cases, managers and owners do not rely on solid evidence to make their claims. If an item is found in your possession, they will automatically assume it was “stolen” by prior intent, even if it accidentally fell there. In other scenarios, they will rely on the reports of security guards or other eye-witnesses, who are often known for being extremely unreliable or mistaken. We are ready to obtain actual evidence from security cameras and tapes, as well as re-examine all angles of the case to demonstrate how the event took place. We can also defend against the prosecution’s claim of intent to protect your reputation and record.

Powerfully Fighting for Your Rights

Here at Vadgama Law, our compassionate team knows that many clients are unjustly arrested for shoplifting or theft. Often, the case is just a mistaken circumstance, such as an object falling into your bag unwittingly. Alternatively, there may have been a minor, one-time mistake in judgment, and you certainly do not deserve an overly harsh penalty by law enforcement who just wants to make an example. In many cases, retail store owners or managers of commercial enterprises do not want to hear your side of the story, but just vent their vindictive anger so that no one will attempt to rob them in the future. You deserve to have powerful, truthful representation, so count on our theft crime attorneys in Los Angeles to provide the advocacy you need.

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