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In recent years, domestic violence charges have become increasingly numerous in the state of California. While many of these are tragic cases of family or spousal abuse, there are unfortunately many other occasions where a misunderstanding or even a case of false accusation occurs. Such situations make a mockery of true domestic violence situations and waste the time of judicial administrators and law enforcement.

If you have been accused of this kind of crime, it is critical to reach out to our dedicated domestic violence lawyers in Los Angeles as quickly as possible. The circumstances in these kinds of cases are particularly complex, and it will take knowledgeable legal counsel from an aggressive firm like Vadgama Law to defend your rights. Rely on us to powerfully fight for your side in court.

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Circumstances of Domestic Violence

While there are many situations where domestic violence actually occurs, in many cases circumstances get misconstrued or blown out of proportion. Technically, even minor quarrels and arguments, as well as even accidental physical gestures that barely touch the accuser can be enough for the prosecutor to claim you have committed a heinous crime. The exaggerated scenes portrayed in media often lead juries to believe that every domestic violence case involves a gruesome beating or brutal torture.

In reality, many minor disputes would end up settling themselves, but in the heat of the moment, a partner or a family member loses their temper. When emotions flare and unexpected consequences occur, law enforcement still has to follow through with the report. Even if the alleged victim retracts their claim and wants to take back the charge, the case has already been filed. This is why it is so critical to have our seasoned lawyers at your side to explain the truth of the situation.

What Qualifies as Domestic Violence in California?

There are many factors that contribute to a charge of domestic violence, and each case requires unique strategies depending on the form or extent of violence, as well as the relationship between the accuser and the defendant. The District of Los Angeles follows California codes, which define domestic violence as a single event of physical, sexual, emotional, mental, or even financial abuse against a victim.

Those who can file for domestic violence, according to the California Penal Code Section 273.5, include those with:

  • A romantic or marital relationship, whether they are a spouse or partner, or former spouse or partner
  • Anyone with whom the victim has a sexual relationship
  • Shared parenthood of a child
  • Familial relationships (including parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins, etc.)
  • A cohabiting relationship (such as a roommate or former roommate)
  • Someone staying within the home

Taking Proactive Steps

Being accused of a domestic violence crime is a serious and complex issue. The event does not even have to leave physical proof of harm – technically, if the victim felt reasonably threatened, this can count against you as well. There is no time to waste if you have been taken into custody or simply accused. Reach out to our domestic violence attorneys in Los Angeles at once.

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