Case Results

  • Dismissed
    Domestic Violence
    Client was falsely charged with physically assaulting his wife. Through our pre-file services, we were able to convince the DA to dismiss the case prior to it being filed so there is no record of the client being charged with the crime.
  • Charges Reduced and Probation
    Felony Transportation and Sales of Narcotics

    Client was charged with transportation and sales of narcotics, facing substantial prison time and serious immigration consequences. We were able to get the case dropped down to a misdemeanor trespassing charge and the client was given informal probation instead of prison or jail.

  • Case Dismissed
    First Offense DUI

    Client was charged with a first offense DUI with a BAC of .09. We were able to successfully argue that diversion should apply for the client's case and thus client was granted a diversion program where her case was dismissed upon completion of the program within a year.